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On 29 Oct 2002, Karn, Robert wrote:

> Dear Colleagues,
> 	I have identified a carbohydrate moiety of ca. 3,000 Da bonded to a protein of interest to me at a sequence conforming to the AsN-X-Ser/Thr concensus.  Several biochemists I have consulted tell me that the MW of this moiety is exactly that expected for such a post-translational modification.  I'm interested in publishing my observations on this and other characteristics of the protein and I need a reference for that claim (concerning the expected MW).  My biochemist colleagues have referred me to volumes 106 and 107 of Methods in Enzymology and I have perused those but a specific reference to an MW of 3,000 for such moieties has so far eluded me.  Does anyone know of a reference to this claim?
> Thanks,
> Bob Karn
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If you're going to be publishing your findings, there should be no need to
cite the molecular weight of the glycosylation, as proof that it is
indeed glycosylation. Disappearance of the
shifted band upon treatment with endoglysosidase will satisfy any
reviewer. There are a number of endoglycosidases specific to sugar
residues that will enable you to precisely determine where in the
secretory pathway your protein is getting modified.

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