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Thu Oct 31 01:04:51 EST 2002

We are writing to you because you are in a database, which we legally 
purchased. If you do not want to be contacted in the future please 

To make it your worth your time, for a limited time only, we make this 
introductory offer of US$5 to join Celestial Gravity Club - normal joining 
fee is US$25.

Celestial Gravity Club gives you the WORLD'S FIRST opportunity to become a 
VIRTUAL FILM CREW Member and have your name in motion picture "Fearless 
Game" credits. 

CGClub offers great benefits in other areas of arts and entertainment:

Virtual Film Crew Positions 
Virtual Casting Agency 
Virtual Authors 
Virtual Songwriters/Composers
Virtual Artists
Behind-the-Scenes of feature films
Play the online Game
Converse with Celebrities 
Collect US$20,000

The above benefits plus more are yours to access and explained in detail in 
the BENEFITS section of our web site. VISIT US NOW at

To take advantage of this special offer, please enter "FG13A7Z" (without 
the quotes) when signing up.

Artur Kade
Celestial Gravity Club

If you don't wish to receive further information from CG Club, reply to 
this email with unsubscribe in subject.


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