Toxic protein for E. coli (M15)

Bertrand Collet b.collet at
Thu Sep 5 03:26:56 EST 2002

Dear all,

I am new to recombinant protein production and I am attempting to
produce a fish DNA-binding protein in E. coli.

I use the pQE30 expression vector in M15 bacterial strain.
I noticed that the growth rate of the bacterial cultures is the same
without inducer for pQE30 only and for pQE30 expressing my protein.
However, when I induce with IPTG (1mM) pQE30 continue to grow normally
but my expression plasmid culture grow very very slowly: It appears that

my protein is toxic for E. coli but that I do not have any leaking

Under these conditions, is there a good method to make E. coli produce a

toxic protein, or do I have to switch to
another expression system ?

I tried to reduce the level of expression (lower temperature 28 deg,
lower IPTG concentrations ... but no clear results so far).

Thanks in advance for any advises,

Bertrand Collet

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