Acetone precipitation

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Wed Sep 11 06:37:18 EST 2002

Dear Kiran,

Thanks for your message.  Since I'm doing a small scale prep for SDS-PAGE I
can easily change my protocol to incorporate the 90% ethanol ppt. step.  I
should probably know this but what exactly happens when proteins are kept
at -80 degrees (in contrast to -20 degrees)?

Thanks again.

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> Dear Vayuputra,
> I basically did not understand whether you are interested in industrial
scaleup or just in an analytical scale. The problem you are facing can be
solved by both the ammonium sulfate precipitation or with the help of 100%
ethanol.  If your objective is only to run an SDS-PAGE Gel then concentrate
your samples using 90% ethanol.  Never even you keep your proteins at -80
degrees.Rather -20 or even 4 degress with EDTA is compatible.
> Regards,
> Dr.Kiran Kumar

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