sequence's ends -- crucial to protein folding too?

Artem Evdokimov AEVDOKIMOZ at
Fri Sep 20 22:08:44 EST 2002

> I understand. One time they'll be in pdb, I hope.

I hope so too :)

> I'm sure there must be examples), sometimes the stabilization comes
> mainly from interdomain-interactions.

There are examples for both cases, indeed :)

> You're right. Things are always more complicated if you look closer. One
> other example, kind of extreme, comes to my mind: Pro-domain assisted
> folding, e.g. in alpha-lytic protease, which is less stable than the
> unfolded form after the pro-domain has been cleaved.

Let's not forget concanavalin A which is expressed as a chain that undergoes
cleavage and re-ligation with a large piece turned around :)


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