Open Biosystems - A new provider of genomic and proteoimc resources

Brian Pollock bp at
Sat Sep 21 08:27:58 EST 2002

I wanted to let you know of a new company, Open Biosystems
(, formed with the intent of working with the
academic communities to supply genomic resources and tools at reasonable
prices with no strings attached.

Open Biosystems has been awarded an IMAGE clone distributorship by DOE/NCI.
While we will eventually distribute the large IMAGE cDNA clone collection,
our main focus is on supplying the full length cDNA subsets. These subsets
are called the MGC: Mammalian Gene Collection (
which contains over 11,000 human and 8,500 mouse full length fully sequenced
cDNA clones. Another collection of interest is the University of Iowa's Rat
Non Redundant EST Collection and many others ( We
will offer these individually and as complete sets. These collections will
continue to grow in the coming months. We are also building pathway specific
subsets for printing microarrays or performing protein expression.

Open Biosystems also offers two collections of mapped BAC clones that cover
the human genome. These clones were created by the NCI and the Human BAC
Consortium and are the resource for integrating the physical and cytogenetic
maps. We are working to develop a way of supplying BAC DNA from these
collections for our clients to print arrays for comparative genomic

Troy Moore and Brian Pollock

Open Biosystems
2705 Artie Street Suite 27
Huntsville, AL 35805
888-412-2225 office
256-704-4849 fax

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