Specific inhibitor for NADP-IDH?

Emir Khatipov khatipovNO at NOuchicago.edu
Thu Sep 26 10:24:28 EST 2002

I don't know any specific inhibitors of the enzyme, and I doubt there are
any available. There are drug target companies that try to develop specific
inhibitors for dehydrogenases, but I have not heard of any products
appearing on the market yet. In any case you would have to prove that such
an agent would target only your enzyme in the complex environment of the
cell. You might have heard about it, but there is a relatively new
technology called RNAi (see e.g.,
http://www.macalester.edu/~montgomery/RNAi.html ) that allows to
specifically inhibit expression of a desired gene. You might get lucky with
that. Otherwise, you can always try producing a deletion mutant. Hope this

<isokolov at email.uncc.edu> wrote in message
news:20020924161242.18285.qmail at ww02.hostica.com...
> Hi,
> I am looking for a way to specifically inhibit activity of NADP-dependent
isocitrate dehydrogenase in isolated cells and susensions of mitochondria
and would greatly appreciate any advise on the subject.
> Thank you!
> Inna Sokolova

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