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Wed Apr 2 12:18:15 EST 2003

we were recently confronted with this problem and ended up with the 
BioRad system. It is certainly a lot cheaper, the accessories are 
plastic rather than highly expensive (breakable) ceramic and there are a 
  couple of independent publications (kindly provided by BioRad), that 
directly compare the results with the Pharmacia systems, and which show 
that results are completely comparable. Importantly perhaps, the BioRad 
system is much easier to use.
good luck,

Dr Engelbert Buxbaum wrote:
> L. Lintott wrote:
>>Hi all,
>>We are soon going to start doing some 2D work. I personally haven't done
>>any 2D work so I was looking for a bit of advice. I am considering the
>>PROTEAN IEF from BioRad. I have always been resonably happy with the
>>protein apparatuses from this company. Any one using this system and
>>happy or not happy with it?
>>Also, we want to fluorescently stain and will be imaging with the new
>>Typhoon from Amersham. Any suggestions for the best stains to use?
> Under all circumstances, get a horizontal IEF with precast gels with
> immobilised pH-gradients. Those are offered several companies, iirc also
> from BioRad. Personally, I have used Pharmacia's IGPhor system, with
> good results (no affiliation).
> The old method of tube gels has several disadvantages:
> - Samples are added at the acidic end in dilute phosphoric acid. Many
> proteins are insoluble under these conditions and do not enter the gel.
> - Gels are easily distorted when removing them from the tube, adding to
> variability between runs. Remember that IEF-gels need to be very low
> percentage and are correspondingly soft. Precast gels are backed with a
> plastic film, which makes handling a lot easier.
> - Sample size is much more limited in tubes than with the horizontal
> system, where you rehydrate the gel with your protein solution. That
> increases sensitivity.
> The only problem with precast gels is their price, once you have bought
> a system from a particular company, you are stuck with their gels and
> they know it.

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