Mutation causing progeria found!!!

Dr Engelbert Buxbaum engelbert_buxbaum at
Tue Apr 22 04:55:22 EST 2003

Oscar wrote:

> The mutation is not inherited and located in the gene for "lamin A". 
> Lamin is some structural protein appearently, although I have never
> heard about it. I guess this finding will openup the possibilieties to
> make new medicines, maybee also against normal aging. Does anyone know
> more about this "lamin A"?

Lamin A, B and C are intermediate filament proteins of type V. They form
the lamina, a network of proteins on the inside of the nuclear membrane.
Phosphorylation of lamin A and C during mitosis results in dissociation
of this network and vesiculation of the nuclear membrane. These vesicles
are randomly distributed during mitosis to the daughter cells, where
they are assembeld into new nuclei. Lamin B is an isoprenylated,
membrane associated protein that stays on the membrane vesicles all the
time and forms the scaffold for the reformation of the lamina by lamin A
and C. 

See text books on general cell biology for more details (Lodish et al or
Albers et al, for example).

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