a question about gene expression in plasmids

diki dikla_dar at walla.co.il
Mon Dec 15 11:10:35 EST 2003

nick_theodorakis at hotmail.com (Nick Theodorakis) wrote in message news:<3fdd17bf.48862163 at netnews.worldnet.att.net>...
> On 14 Dec 2003 13:45:21 -0800, dikla_dar at walla.co.il (diki) wrote:
> >hi everybody!
> >my question is: in the plasmid pBR322, 
> Wow! Blast from the past.!
> >if I replace the whole gene for
> >resistance to amp. in a certain insert, is there a good chance that
> >the new gene will be expressed as a protein?
> Depends. You got an E coli promoter on that insert?
> > what are the
> >circumstances in which it will happen? thank u very much for
> >answering, diki.
> There are a lot better vectors these days to express proteins in coli.
> Or is this an exam question?
> Nick

hi! and thank u for answering.
yes, u got it wright, this is an exam question...
the question doesn't say which insert it is and whar I realy don't
understand is what factor determines whether the insert will or will
not be expressed.
i'll thank u very much if u could help me in this.

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