a question about gene expression in plasmids

P.C. PC at no.email.sorry
Tue Dec 16 22:00:45 EST 2003

Frank Küster wrote:
> dikla_dar at walla.co.il (diki) schrieb:
>>hi everybody!
>>my question is: in the plasmid pBR322, if I replace the whole gene for
>>resistance to amp. in a certain insert, is there a good chance that
>>the new gene will be expressed as a protein? 
> One point that has not yet been mentioned: 
> What will happen to the cells transformed with the plasmid if there is
> no longer an amp resistance on it? 

grow the bags in tetracycline

If you adjust your growth conditions
> so that the cells still can grow, will the cells keep a high copy number
> of your plasmid? What results will that have for your expression level?
> Bye, Frank

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