Proteins would you pllease just listeen to me

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Wed Dec 31 07:14:06 EST 2003

Hey Proteins,

Here is 4 damn good reasons foor you to buy Genneric v i a g r a

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Geneeric V woorks within 15 minutees aftter intake, so that means you can take a pill unnnoticeed as you're doing thhe foreeplay with your wooman and thhen you will be ready in no time.

Some woemn can neevr get enough and for tohse we have great nwes. Genneric V will make you last as up to 4+ hours. And evven if you ejaulate you can still keeep on going.

We resppect your privacy, infact we reespect it so much that evverything frrom our ennd is handdled with 100% discrreation. Meaning you will reeceive anoonymous packagees and you will be billeed anonymously.

So take an advice for smoneoe who uses Geenric V all the time.
Take a chancce, improove your seex life tooday, noot onnly will you thank yoursellf foor taking a chancce, but your parttner will loove thhe improvemennts that this wondderdrug brings to your life.

Kindest regards your new friend,

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