DEAE membrane

Nora Plesofsky nora at
Thu Feb 20 18:13:13 EST 2003

I wish to follow a procedure for locating glucose-phosphorylating 
activity (e.g., hexokinase) activity in a gel by impregnating a DEAE 
(anion exchanger) membrane with reagents for glucose phorphorylation. 
The phosporylated glucose should then stick to the membrane. I now 
learn that S&S no longer makes their NA45 membrane, and I don't know of 
any other or comparable membrane that is available. Whatman sells small 
(2.5 cm) ion exchange paper discs that could be tried, but they would 
be awkward for a 10 cm gel. The large sheets Whatman sells are 
astronomically expensive.

Does anyone have a suggestion as to supplier of an anion exchange 
membrane or substitute?


Nora Plesofsky
nora at


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