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> Hello,
> I am an analytical chemist, combining enzymes with analytical instruments. Now I have a question.
> If I will obtain Km and Vmax out of a michealis-menten plot, which type of plot is the best to use, I mean: lineweaver-burk, eadie-hofstee, hanes-woolf, direct linear...?
The problem with each of these graphs is that they force data that is
usually non-linear into a linear representation. The consequence of this
is that error becomes greatly magnified, which negatively affects the
accuracy of your calculated parameters. If you have to use a linear method
for calculation, the direct linear method is the best, but the ideal way
of dealing with kinetics these days is to use a computer to fit a curve to
your data so you don't have to force it into a linear model. I found a
discussion of each of the approaches you mention, and their associated
caveats at:

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