refining composition of a human being

j news at
Tue Jan 7 03:49:16 EST 2003

> I am a biologist/chemist - at least on cursory examination the list seems
> reasonably complete. There are nonzero amounts of almost any other stable
> isotope in human body, just depending on how much you're exposed to. For
> instance, daily exposure to fluorinated toothpaste will result in
> accumulation of fluorine (which if I remember correctly isn't on your
> Exposure to certain medication (and natural abundance) means a small
> of retention of Lithium. Exposure to leaded gas or its derivatives would
> result in slight incorporation of Lead. There is a reasonable amount of
> Boron in the human body also, especially if it's true that certain
> use boro-organics to signal each other (or if you were exposed to Borax).
> This can go on ad infinitum :) oh don't forget if you ever played with
> yellow fluorescent glass marbles, chances are you've been exposed to
> salts (perfectly harmless at that dosage). If you ever lived in or near
> Eastern Europe (Chernobyl) or other sites of nuclear accidents you have
> probably been exposed to all sorts of esoteric isotopes which in turn
> decayed to various interesting elements.

groovy, so indeed all the kings horses and all the kings men won't be able
put humpty dumpty together again . I take it these external elements get
the body as well, so they're indistinguishable from the "honest ingredients"

Oh I see, probably when a child is born it already contains a host of
from its mother, which could come from anywhere, It seems then there's
no way of knowing what the base ingredients are then ?

The idea is to get all the necessary ingredients together that would, if
mixed well
of course, create a human being. Then provide a mixer as a do-it-yourself
So do you consider the list ok so as to contain all these essentials ? I
would like
to make a presentation of these ingredients in a galery in Paris, but before
I need
to know is it safe to say for me that these ingredients could really be "one
human being"



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