double immunoblotting

Nick Holway nickholway at
Mon Jan 13 06:52:41 EST 2003

> > I'd like to try my hand at simultaneous primary antibody incubations
> > in my Western immunoblots.  My bands are separated sufficiently in a
> > 12% gel, and stripping doesn't seem to work.  So I figured I'd just
> > stain for both the protein of interest (SNAP-25) and a housekeeping
> > protein (B-actin) at the same time.  I have heard from others on this
> > group that many people do this, but does anyone have a good paper they
> > can use to site this method?  I've tried to find one from Pubmed and
> > Ovid but I'm coming up a bit blank.


I've seen (I can't remember where!) a system where you incubate with
two fluorescent secondary antibodies and are then scanned using a


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