phage induction

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Tue Jan 28 13:52:20 EST 2003

On Tue, 28 Jan 2003, meb wrote:

> your reply couldn't have been more helpful.  have you actually used phage to
> induce expression or do you just need to reply to everything?
There is no better way to close doors than to insult those who try to
help. Perhaps if you were more specific in your request you would get the
information you were looking for. Instead, you post a vague question and
act like a petulant little child when the suggestion is not to your
	Might I recommend you spend some time learning how to use Pubmed
to conduct a focussed search--that way you obtain a smaller number of
relevant hits. You might also discover during this time that the reason
that nobody uses phage infection anymore is because there are more
up-to-date approaches that are just as good.
	Good luck.

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