phage induction

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Drop the sanctimony.  Your reply was completely snide.  "Upmteen papers
exist.."  indeed.   I apologize for asking a vague question.  I also
apologize for my sacrcasm, but I never rose  to the level of insult that
followed.  I have phage trials ongoing and google wasn't finding the
information I need.  EK kindly supplies the exact information I was looking
for below.  If you can't or won't post helpful information like this then
just sit on your hands.  The suggestion to use google would apply to
everything.   Lots of basic or maybe even stupid questions get asked in
these newsgroup that just go unanswered.

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> Well that is your pig ignorance in not choosing to learn how to do a
> search properly and asking a pretty vague question. You then shoot down
> a genuine reply. If you had mentioned pET vectors all would have been
> revealed.

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