Native PAGE

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Wed Jan 29 18:37:09 EST 2003

It is due to sieving effect of the gel. That is why native PAGE is usually
done in gradient gels (4-20%). Why it moves well through the first half of
the gel and then stops? Well, temperature (how do you dissipate the heat, if
ever?), buffer depletion (= increase in resistance), both of which may
result in local pH changes that in combined action could denature your
protein, ...
- Emir

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My protein MW 13 KDa runs smoothly in 12% native PAGE gel and it is spotted
just above the dye front. When the same sample is loaded in 15 native PAGE
gel, it stops in the middle of the gel while the dye front and the marker
moves finely. Except the gel % all the conditions are the same. What could
be the reason for the partial mobility of the protein in 15% native PAGE gel


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