SDS quantitation and removal with resins

Scott Coutts scott.coutts at
Wed Jul 2 20:48:55 EST 2003

Nick Holway wrote:
> Scott Coutts <scott.coutts at> wrote in message news:<3F024A95.40702 at>...
>>Does anyone know of a way that I can assay for SDS concentration in a
>>sample containing protein? I want to know how much detergent remains 
>>after attempts at removal. I need to assay for regular (non-labelled) 
>>SDS, by the way.
> You could always attack the problem from a different angle and use the
> SDS as a blank and then subtract its absorbance from the value with
> the sample in it.

Yup, but I dont want to assay for protien concentration! That would be 
much easier.

There's an unknown SDS and unknown protein concentration in these 
samples. Effectively, it's the SDS that IS the sample. That's why I 
wanted to know if there's a way to assay for SDS itself.

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