SDS quantitation and removal with resins

Dr Engelbert Buxbaum engelbert_buxbaum at
Thu Jul 10 08:11:29 EST 2003

Scott Coutts wrote:

> THanks for the info. I think the >CMC fluorescence method is as close as 
> I'm going to get to an assay method... unfortunately, I dont think it's 
> going to be usefull for me.

It may not give you absolute measurements in a complex sample, but
semiquantitative determinations should help to judge efficiency of
detergent removal.

> I agree that the hydrophobic bead method may be the best bet for 
> removal. I knew about the pierce product already (if you mean the 
> SDS-Out product), and had wondered what they use in that. They say it's 
> a 'precipiation reagent'... but the spec sheet and instruction 'manual' 
> on their website doesnt really give any information about whats in it or 
> how it works. Have you used it before? You say that it's column-based; 
> does it use hydrophobic beads in that or do they rely on a (at leatst 
> semi-) specific precipitation of SDS?

The stuff we used a couple of years ago came prepacked in disposable
columns, and worked on the hydrophobic bead principle, and was supposed
to work with all detergents. There may be different products available
though, I don't have a catalogue handy.

FWIW I prefere to add beads to thee sample manually, losses of protein
are lower that way and its cheaper too.

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