Antibody' specifity

Nikolai Scherbak nikolai.scherbak at
Mon Jul 21 05:36:21 EST 2003

Dear colleagues!
I am wondering how specific antibodies are? I am working with transgenic
plants (A. thaliana) and using polyclonal antibodies raised against protein
that I would like to overexpress in transgenes. Unfortunately, my antibody
binds even for non-transformed control plants. I know. That there is another
protein i Arabidopsis with up to 50% identity to my recombinant protein. Can
this be an explanation to the positive result in negative control? Or, by
another words: can antibodies raised against one protein bind also to
another protein with the 50% similarity to the first one? Mol.weight of
proteins is almost the same...

Sincerely, Nikolai


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