Problem with Isoelectric Focusing on gels

S.Ballal ballal_sv at
Tue Jul 22 20:57:20 EST 2003

Dear Christian,

I am not too sure about the TCA issue but we have 1 protein(expressed
in E.coli) which just vanishes on the "Phast" Gel. We know it's there
but somehow it does not come up with Silver. All the markers and
proteins of same size and pI come up well on the same gel.

Ahmedabad, India
Dr Engelbert Buxbaum <engelbert_buxbaum at> wrote in message news:<bec2b9$om$03$1 at>...
> Christian Collin-Hansen wrote:
> > Question: Is it nessecary to fix IEF-gels in TCA after focusing (prior
> > to staining)? Are there alternative ways of fixing the gel?
> 4% Formaldehyde or (possibly better, but more expensive) 1%
> glutardialdehyde can crosslink proteins and make them insoluble.

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