antibody production

D.K. at
Thu Jul 24 19:43:06 EST 2003

In article <BA46646A-BE1A-11D7-B8C4-00306577FE10 at>, nora at (Nora Plesofsky) wrote:
>We are hoping/planning to have polyclonal antibody made to synthesized 
>peptides of a protein, and I am looking for some advice: (a) does 
>anyone know of a good program for predicting antigenic peptides? 

As it stands now, hoping that an output from any such program will 
be useful is a wishful thinking. 

>(b) does anyone know of or have experience (especially good) with a 
>company that synthesizes peptides and makes antibodies (in rabbits) 
>against them?

Harlan Bioscience does very good job (and rather inexpensive). 
You can change immunization protocol, screen a number of 
rabbits with pre-bleeds, have additional pre-bleed sample 
taken for a chosen rabbit, specify adjuvant of your choice, etc. 
Highly recommended. I've made some pretty spectacular polyclonals
with them. 


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