Seperation Techniques

D.K. DK at no.valid.address
Sun Mar 23 10:10:11 EST 2003

In article <20030323001320.18467.qmail at>, pink_flamingo at wrote:
>Hi just wondering if anyone had some ideas for this 
>Q/  You want to prepare a quantity of a protein from a biological sample.  The
> protein has a MW of about 45kD and a pI of 6.  It binds to the amino acid
> tyrosine but in the crude biological sample the protein is already saturdated
> with tyrosine, and the protein is unstable below its isoeletric point. 
> Outline a scheme, by which the protein could be purified by chromatographic
> means..including stationary phase, and conditions for elcution etc

This reads like a homework assignment. Poor question, too. It only makes 
sense if rephrased as "outline ways by which the protein could be tried 
to be purified by chromatographic means". 


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