friend426 at SOHU.COM friend426 at SOHU.COM
Wed May 21 08:39:06 EST 2003

I have met a difficult problem, I want to select a kind of absorbent that not only can adsorb some color compounds of fermented broth but also  cannot adsorb the products of broth that i need.The products is a samll peptide with 34 amioacids its Mr is 3500Da and has 3 positive charges. also it has static characterics under PH2 circumstance.
I have been trying to use  positive exchange resins to decolorize,but it has a problem that the products almost all be exchanged on the resins and cannot be eluted even using PH2 HCL containing 8%Nacl. and its decolorizing efficiency is not exciting.
I also have selected activated carbon to decolorize but it need much activated carbon grams and also has some pollutant problems.
Please help me!

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