peptide separation

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Mon Oct 6 13:11:53 EST 2003

Why do you think your last peak is a peptide on the first place, and not
just any other compound absorbing at 280nm?

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> Hi,
> I'm trying to separate peptides and small proteins on a SDS-PAGE tricine
gel, but I'm having problems. After run 200mg of crude venom on a Sephadex
G-75 colum I take the last peak and read the A280nm of samples. Then, I run
an SDS-PAGE tricine gel but I can't see any band!
> Does anyone have any idea about what is happening?
> I'm concentrating the samples now and I'll try to stain my gel with
silver, however I've heard that tricine gels are not well stained with
> Any contribution will be helpfull!
> Thank you!
> Marcia Cominetti
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