Help! Good books on genetics, cytology and istology

Tex Bandrew bandrew at
Tue Oct 21 20:52:07 EST 2003

"wrb" <wrb054 at> skrev i en meddelelse
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> I'm looking for university texts on
> genetics, cytology and istology ,

Im using this for genetics:

I think its quite good, lacks a bit of explanation about the probability
calculations involved, and only have anwsers for about half the questions in
the end of the book.
It also lists the key terms after each chapter.

I use this for cytology:

Lots of reviews are written at, there are no questions, but buy
the problems book too (displaed on the same amazon page) and you have a LOT
of questions of very varied dificulty. Only half the anwsers are provided in
the problems book, but the anwsers are good, especialy in combination with
the textbook.

I find that the two books are complementing each other just fine.

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