BioRad Ready Prep and plant extracts

thetott lintottl at
Fri Oct 24 14:33:05 EST 2003

Hi all,
I am just getting started on a new poteomic project. I have done lots of 
ready but have no real experiance with IE at this point.
We are interested at looking at as much of the whole proteome of ceral 
crops (head tissue) as possible, so we are planning on doing some kind 
of protein fractionation, by solubility and probably by running mutiple 
IE strips (ie: overlapping narrow range pH).
I am interested in trying out the BioRad ReadyPrep Membrane I kit and 
also the sequential extraction kit. Now they claim to have tested these 
kits on tobacco leaves and that they work ok for plants if you add in a 
liquid N grinding step at the start. Does anyone have experiance using 
these kits with plant tissue? I am anticipating that our yeild per mg of 
tissue will be much lower than with animal tissue. Maybe a kit will not 
be the best way to go, cost wise etc. I have found a few protocols in 
the literature - does any one have a favorite they can recomend.
We are in the testing stage but will end up running alot of strips/gels.



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