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>> Hi,
>> Is there a protocol to re-use centricon from Millipore?
>I've stored them in 70% ethanol, washed with lots of water and buffer
>and reused them - but only for the same concentration step of the same

In the old days, Amicon used to provide hints for reusing 
centricons. I have followed their advice and it certainly works 
except that the rate of filtration is invariably lower in the reused 
stuff (I suppose this is because some protein sticks to and cloges
the membrane). Basically, wash the centricons with several changes 
of the buffer with rigorous vortexing, then with water, then store 
tightly closed (parafilmed) in 35% EthOH (fill both lower and
upper reservoirs). For some reason it was said it is essential to 
store at RT and not in the cold room. 

I too always reused the centriconed only for using with the same


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