ligand-gated ion channels

chrissy chrissy_4u2c at
Thu Oct 30 07:30:23 EST 2003

Hi!  I hope you'll allow what might be a simple question to some of
you, but I haven't been able to find answers elsewhere.

With a multisubunit ion channel, where the subunits have multiple
transmembrane helices, how do you tell which of a subunit's helices is
the porelining helix?  And what are the features that predict
cation/anion selectivity?  Does this have something to do with the
amino acid sequence or is it more complex?
I just finished an introductory lecture series on it, but the lecturer
wasn't very clear.  She used the acetylcholine receptor as an example,
and said something about a 9' leucine, but I can't find an explanation
of that term anyway.  And how does that relate to ligand-gated
channels in general?

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