Collagen--its arrangement in tadpole skin and chick cornea

Robert Whitby whitby at
Sat Feb 14 23:33:17 EST 2004

The file CollagenLayer.pdf has been added to the website 

It shows how the main chain units of the peptides form the helical
turns which combine to form the tri-helical turn of collagen. Collagen
turns are shown linked by lysine side chains in an hexagonal ring.
Three rings are shown assembled in a triangular assembly.

Tadpole skin and chick cornea have a multi-layered structure in which
the axes of the collagen fibrils in each layer are parallel to the
boundaries between the layers. The axis of the fibril in one layer is
parallel to the axis of the fibril in alternate layers but not to the
adjoining layers. The relationship between the fibrils in adjoining
layers is shown. The joins between the side chains of fibrils in
adjoining layers is of two types which are also shown. Each type is
present at only one of the two boundaries of a given layer.

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