Kyle Legate legatek at
Tue Feb 24 16:45:20 EST 2004

Mehmet Sen wrote:
> It happen to me too. My protein is 26 kDa, and walking in the SDS-PAGE
> as 31 kDa protein, it is very interesting. any reason for that? may be
> even in the denatured form, it takes sort of folding which gives rise
> to bigger radius to protein than what we expect as a radius of
> protein, it is getting slow down. I am not really sure, this is my
> guess.Anyway
Lots of proteins don't run at their predicted molecular weights. Predicting
size from SDS-PAGE requires that a certain number of SDS molecules bind per
unit length for the size:negative charge ratio to be correct. If your
protein does not allow for this ratio to be achieved, the protein will
migrate differently.

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