protein and sugar-binding

Mehmet Sen senmehmetsen at
Tue Mar 23 20:05:40 EST 2004

   I have protein which is extracelluar, and play role in the
recognition by macrophages. Simply, it is giving a "EAT ME" signal. In
this case, recently published paper is guessing that this protein can
bind to sugars. I have found that this protein is binding to Ca++ very
well by ITC by its two sides, and binding to Mg++ too, but this
binding is actually weaker than Ca++.
   In this case, I was reading some papers about cation dependent
binding to sugar, like TC14 or lectin type-binding protein or MBP. I
just want to throw some sugars and my protein into ITC, see what I
will get. In this case, I am planning to purchase some sugars; like
sialyl sugars, galactose, mannose, fucose. I am not really good about
choosing sugars, so I would like to ask what type sugars more possibly
are good to start. I am asking this question because sugars presented
on the surface of the cell have general purpose, like recognition by
    I hope I am not mistaken. If you have any comment or advice, I
would be pleased to hear and I am looking forward to.

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