[Protein-analysis] Re: repack HR 10/30 column

Dr Engelbert Buxbaum engelbert_buxbaum at hotmail.com
Sat Jun 24 10:41:27 EST 2006

rolando wrote:

> Thanks a lot for your reply. The column wasn't dried. I was
> performing a cleaning method (suggested by Pharmacia using acetic acid
> and NaOH and so on), but the gel was compressed very significantly. The
> backpressure increased 

The gel may still be ok, but repacking is probably a good idea. You'll
need a filling reservoir and an adjustable top-piece which match the
diameter of your column, both are available from Pharmacia (now part of
GE unless something changed again while I blinked). They also have a
very nice free booklet on Gelfiltration which describes the packing
procedure in detail. If you work carefully the column should be almost
as good as the original. Do calculate a couple of hours for the process,
though, so add the price for your time and the items you need to buy and
ask yourself whether a new column is cheaper.

Since you will inevitably loose some gel in the process, the final bed
hight will be lower than it used to be, hence the need for the
adjustable top-piece.

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