[Protein-analysis] RE: why I can see my band dyed in proceau S on PDFC?

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Since your technique works in for NC then obviously something is wrong
with your PVDF. Have you hydrated your PVDF in methanol before transfer?
This might a source of the problem

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   1. why I can see my band dyed in proceau S on PDFC?


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     I have been trying to blot proteins of brain from an 8% SDS PAGE
toBioRad PVDF membrane. I thought that my blot was unsuccessful
afterattempting to visualize by Ponceau S. I could not even detect my
MWstandards.but the same process worked well in NCmembrane,where the
showed clearly.. Any clues as to why my ponceau S did not work? I
diluted a
fresh Sigam concentrate (20 mL) into 180 mL ofdeionized water. I stained
5 min and watch as the membrane destained in 1% AcOH. At no time did I
anything resembling a protein band. This problem has occured for the
two consecutive times that I have tried the technique. Your comments are


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