[Protein-analysis] Re: Question about enzymes

yubbers9 from yahoo.com via proteins%40net.bio.net (by yubbers9 from yahoo.com)
Mon Oct 16 12:59:09 EST 2006

> It is not easy for evolution to figure out a way of making a chain of
> specific amino acids in a specified sequence produce a complex
> three-dimensional object that actually does something.  And then
> evolution has to figure out how to make it do that thing very well,
> indeed.  It really is asking too much to have it do two things at the
> same time!

Ah, but what I'm getting at is that the behavior of complex molecules
is technically independent of evolution, so although organisms may
make use of a given active site, there may be others that either
are used, or not.

Anyway I googled for "multiple active sites" and enzyme, and
quite a few references appeared to enzymes that have them,
but I will have to look over the webpages to see if it's just
semantics or really multiple active sites.

For example:

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