[Protein-analysis] Re: Question about enzymes

Evgenij Barsukov via proteins%40net.bio.net (by evgenij_b_no_spam from yahoo.com)
Wed Oct 18 01:54:31 EST 2006

chris.linthompson from gmail.com wrote:
> yubbers9 from yahoo.com wrote:
>> chris.linthompson from gmail.com wrote:
>>> Why is the behaviour of complex molecules independent of evolution?
>> Evolution is not a thinking mechanism that exerts
>> conscious control, but is a problem-solving mechanism.
> Can you think of any problems that are solved with enzymes?

Life solves the problem of maximizing the entropy increase
rate, while using part of the released energy for
preventing  the increase of its own entropy (e.g. decomposition).

Evolution is optimization towards solving this problem
therefor all parts of life (where enzyme are some of the
most critical once) are optimized accordingly.


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