[Protein-analysis] Re: protein shape change detection

Carlo Zambonelli zambonel at gmail.com
Thu Sep 7 12:31:23 EST 2006

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> From: Geoff Briggs <geoff.briggs at nottingham.ac.uk>
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> Date: Wed, 06 Sep 2006 08:59:15 +0100
> Subject: [Protein-analysis] Re: protein shape change detection
> Carlo Zambonelli wrote:
> > Hi,
> > I'm trying to find out what is the best technique to detect protein
> shape
> > change (i.e. globular to non-globular) in solution. I believe the only
> > options are analytical ultracentrifugation or SEC-MALLS. I don't have
> > experience with either technique and I would appreciate any feedback,
> > reference, etc.
> > Thank you very much.
> > CZ
> Have you considered using the standard biophysical techniques like CD
> and fluorescence? It sounds very much like you are doing something
> similar to a protein unfolding experiment, and many of the techniques
> that are used to study folding should be suitable for what you want.
> Geoff

CD and fluorescence give you information about secondary structure, not
shape. I really mean shape: oval, globular, rod-like, straight, bent, etc..
No unfolding involved in transition between different "shapes" and probably
little 2nd structure modification.
No, crystallography or EM are not viable options.

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