[Protein-analysis] for purification

jayaraman tharmalingam via proteins%40net.bio.net (by ntr_jayaraman from yahoo.co.in)
Wed Apr 25 01:33:32 EST 2007

Dear sir,
                i am try to purify the IgG fraction from rabbit serum. i use the proteinA-CL agarose column for best fit to purify the IgG but i encounter some problem with this column.
1) i unable to elute the IgG fraction by 0.1M glycine-Hcl buffer but i try other option with 3M potassium isothiocynate, it elute some reasonable concentration of IgG.
2) In ELISA (Antibody capture), i use 3M potassium isothiocynate elute IgG but it not work well.
so please somebody help me to resolve my problem.

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