[Protein-analysis] one-to-one protein-to-DNA binding

Emily Arturo via proteins%40net.bio.net (by ecakbd from missouri.edu)
Sun Mar 25 19:20:33 EST 2007

I got some advice a while ago from DK on storage of protein:DNA
complexes.  I now have some spectroscopic data of DNA binding to a
Trp-containing protein and am having a rough time finding appropriate
references on how the community has analyzed one-to-one protein-to-DNA
binding.  I have my own ideas about how to go about it (namely
relating the degree of Trp fluorescence quenching directly to the
fraction of bound protein), but I would like to find out about
analytical methods that have been used successfully so far.  I have
read several papers by Lohman & company on multi-site binding of SSB
protein to DNA, but these analyses are unnecessarily complex for my

Does anyone have any references on the topic they can pass along to me?

Emily A.

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