[Protein-analysis] alpha helix decapeptide(10 residue)

thinktank via proteins%40net.bio.net (by dibyadeep from gmail.com)
Tue Oct 30 07:16:40 EST 2007


Actually I dont have a bio background, but need to find a small alpha
helix protein. The type or nature of the protein is not that
important, except that it be small (preferably 10 residue) and tat it
be alpha helix in nature. I though that possible a polyalanine
decapeptide would be good. However I couldnt understand what the name
this specific protein would have, since I felt the same protein might
exist in multiple forms. I tried using the protein data bank, but with
the multitude of results that I obtained, I couldn't understand which
one of them would qualify for my requirements.

I know this might seem very insignificant, but could you please help
me by providing me with the name of such a protein, or by showing me
how to go about finding one. Perhaps by telling me how such proteins
are named?



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