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> Hello,
> I am a student in Biology at the University of Bejaia in Algeria, I'm  
> preparing my thesis magister (protein-protein interactions of egg  
> whites), I seek a protocol chromatography gel filtration with gel  
> Sephadex G75 to separate the proteins of egg white, actually I'll use  
> the three major proteins of egg white (ovalbumin, lysozyme and  
> ovotransferrine) powder, if you can help me.
> Also I'd like to understand protein-protein interactions within the cell  
> in general, their different sizes and types and methods used to study

Since you did not tell us what you are looking for, advice can be only  

For deparation techniques you should download the booklets available from  
handbooks. That should give you a good idea on theory and practice of the  
procedures involved. You may also want to get a good book on general  
laboratory methods in biochemistry, e.g.

         AUTHOR= {R.K. Scopes},
         TITLE= {Protein purification, Principles and Practice},
         YEAR= {1994},
         PUBLISHER= {Springer},
         ADDRESS= {New York},
         EDITION= {3},
         ISBN= {0-387-94072-3},
         LANGUAGE= {engl}

And finally some books to introduce you to to the biology of the field:

         AUTHOR= {K.E. van Holde and W.C. Johnson and P.S. Ho},
         TITLE= {Principles of physical biochemistry},
         YEAR= {2006},
         PUBLISHER= {Pearson},
         ADDRESS= {Upper Saddle River, N.J.},
         EDITION= {2},
         LANGUAGE= {engl},
         ISBN= {0-13-046427-9}

         AUTHOR= {H. Lodish and others},
         TITLE= {Molecular Cell Biology},
         YEAR= {2008},
         PUBLISHER= {W.H. Freeman and Company},
         ADDRESS= {New York},
         EDITION= {Sixth},
         LANGUAGE= {engl}

         AUTHOR= {B. Albers and others},
         TITLE= {Molecular Biology of the Cell},
         YEAR= {2008},
         PUBLISHER= {Garland Science},
         ADDRESS= {New York},
         EDITION= {Fifth},
         LANGUAGE= {engl}
         ISBN= {0-8153-4105-9},

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