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Applications are sought for a post-doctoral fellow to carry out research 
into the early evolution of eukaryotic cells. The successful candidate is 
expected to have ultrastructural and other microscopical skills and use 
these skills to describe, isolate and catalogue the cytoskeletal 
components of free-living protozoa from anaerobic habitats.  Skills in 
electron microscopy are essential, prior experience of working with 
free-living protozoa, taxonomy or immunolocalization procedures is 

        The proposed research takes advantage of the unique perspective 
that has developed within the field of evolutionary protistology.  Efforts 
to rationalize the diversity of protists is now converging on a fairly 
robust understanding of their inter-relationships.  As a result, we now 
have some basic models of the sequence in which the components of 
the eukaryotic cells were established.  Most of the steps in the 
evolution of the eukaryotic cell occurred within  organisms without 
mitochondria.  Unfortunately, the diversity of primitively 
amitochondriate protists is very poorly understood.  This project first 
seeks to develop a sound understanding of the diversity of free-living 
anaerobic protists through light and electron microscopy.  This period 
of the study is intended to lead to the establishment of a number of 
cultures of the primitively anaerobic protists.  The cultures will provide 
much of the material for the next stages.
        The ultrastructural information will be use to achieve a 
provisional  placement of organisms in the evolutionary tree of 
eukaryotes.  This will be tested through molecular studies in 
conjunction with co-workers in U.S.A.   The final phase will exploit 
expertise in cytoskeleton research at the University of Sydney to 
explore the repertoire of cytoskeletal proteins within the primitively 
amitochondriate cells.  The project is funded for one year in the first 
instance, with the possibility for renewal for up to three years 
conditional upon availability of funds. 

        The appointment is at the level of Postdoctoral Fellow with a 
starting salary of A$36,285.

There is no application form, applicants should write outlining their 
appropriateness for the position and enclose a CV.  Closing date, end 
May 1994.

David J. Patterson
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