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|> 	Will the Protist Image Data database be expanded in the future?

Tim and I are planning on it.  The prerelease version was intended to show people
what is currently possible, and we're presently collating feedback.  It will also
be shown at the upcoming ISEP (International Society for Evolutionary Protistology)
meeting (starts Thursday! Aaack!!).

I'm hoping to add maybe a page a week beginning at the end of August (after
the meetings and our assessment of feedback).  There are certain bottlenecks
we have to work through ... more on this later.

|> For example: Tetrahymena, Oxytricha, Trypanosomes etc.

I dig, they're on the list (Trypanosoma would have been there, except I
rejected the one photo I had in the library).

|> I have taken a
|> look at what is there and I am impressed. 

thanks mate :-)

|> T.C. Marsh  
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