Questions-culturing, taxonomy

Jeremy Fox at
Wed Aug 10 12:19:13 EST 1994

	Hi!  My name is Jeremy Fox.  I!m currently a senior at Williams College.
 My thesis research concerns protozoan and rotifer ecology.  I have some
questions to which searches of the literature have not yielded complete
answers, so I was hoping to get some help (any guidance at all would be
	First, although I haven!t designed my experiments yet, I will
(tentatively) be focusing on community assembly mechanisms, probably
including interspecific competition.  To do this, I need a culture medium
suitable to a wide range of protozoans.  Are wheat seed mediums or
timothy hay/wheat seed mediums good !general! options?  Are there any
references which would provide some DETAILED answers or (as I suspect is
the case) will my selection of medium necessarily arise from a process of
culturing each species in a variety of media in order to find the medium
best suited to the task?
	Second, the issue of protozoan taxonomy seems to be controversial right
now.  In my work so far, I have been identifying live protozoans using
the 2nd edition of Pennak!s Fresh-water Invertebrates of the United
States.  Leaving aside the difficulties associated with distinguishing
many genera of live protozoans, is Pennak!s taxonomy acceptable?  This
question is of special concern to me because I hope to ask whether one
can make any interesting ecological generalizations about protozoans
abovethe species level.  Are there interesting similarities between the 
various species making up a given genera, family, etc.?  Obviously,
trying to answer that question with erroneously classified protozoans
would be futile.  So if Pennak is no longer accepted, is there a better
reference I could turn to?
	Thanks in advance for any help anyone can give me.

	Jeremy Fox =)

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