I see an urgent need for BIGGER PROTOZOA.

brent jackson bcj at cs.brown.edu
Mon Jun 6 20:10:46 EST 1994

...thus spake Ethan Straffin through the avatar estraff at next.com...
\\ I explain them as an operational necessity for those low-budget cable  
\\ channels who use Amigas for their graphics and titling.  They put one of  
\\ those babies up whenever they run out of real programming and/or their  
\\ slide show of local events gets too dull.  And it works, too...I can sit  
\\ and watch that little blinking red box for *hours*.

every time i see one of those, i just pop a spam-flavored mentos and
everything works out...

(btw, william shatner was elected god. so join the first international
 church of shatnerism today!) 


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