Trichamonas Galinae (sp)

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In article <37eu05$gs5 at darkstar.UCSC.EDU> kwatson at (Kevin) writes:
>Hello, I am aware that this is probably not the place to post this, 
>but it is the closest I could find.  I am looking for a good source
>of information on a Protist, Trichamonas galinae (sp), the source of
>a crop infection in columbaforms (pigeons,etc).  I work in a wildlife
>rehabilitation center, and have been asked to describe this protist.
>The best I can do is to tell the volunteers I work with to look for a 
>flagellated, 'pear-shaped' organism that seems to move against Brownian-
>motion.   I appreciate any help you can give me, even if it is to point
>me to a better Usenet group to post this question on.
>Thank you,
>(kwatson at

You might try bionet.parasitology.  In any case, your description isn't bad 
but you shoula add that the flagella will be at the fat end of the 
pear (though teardrop is a bit better) and they appear as a tuft (as
opposed to distributed all over) arcing over one side.  (They won't see
the undulating membrane in fresh preps if they're not trained
to do so, so I won't go into detail about that).  Also, they should be
about the size of a bird red blood cell <- important cuz there
might be a bunch of flagellated things in the crop.
My suspiscion is that if the birds are suffering some disease symptoms
and T.g. is the cause, there will be an overwhelming infection so it
should be straightforward).


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