DNA for zoo blot

Edward Braun ebraun at triton.unm.edu
Mon Oct 24 19:16:48 EST 1994

I am a graduate student at the University of New Mexico and I am
currently trying to put together a zoo blot.  I would really like to
put togeter a blot that covers a broad range of taxa (I am interested
in a protein that is present in (eu)bacteria, archaea, and in
eukaryotes) and really wanted to get DNA from at least a few protista
spp., since I wanted to look at the diversity that is available in this

I am thinking right now that it would be appropriate to get DNA from
Giardia lamblia, a flagellate (I was thinking Euglena or a
Trypanosome), and a ciliate (Tetrahymena perhaps, or Paramecium).  If
anybody has "extra" DNA available (or cells - I'm happy to do the prep.
myself) pls contact me by e-mail (ebraun at triton.unm.edu).  My primary
focus is yeast genetics, so the lab I work in is not set up to grow a
wide variety of organisms, but even cells of something that is
reasonable to grow (and isn't pathogenic!-I envision infecting myself)
would be appreaciated.

Thanks in advance.

Edward Braun (ebraun at triton.unm.edu)

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