ciliate nuclei

Sean Buchanan Bioc sgb12 at
Wed Oct 26 04:39:45 EST 1994

Newsgroups: bionet.protista
Subject: Ciliates
Distribution: world
Organization: U. of Cambridge, England

I am interested to find out how much is known about the structure of the 
micro- and macronuclei of ciliate protozoa. For instance do both these 
organelles have canonical nuclear envelopes with nuclear pores, lamins 
etc. and are there any structural differences related to the specific 
functions of these two nuclei. (I realise that the chromosomal 
organisation is quite different between the two). If any one can answer 
this question or point me in the direction of a potential answer I will 
be most grateful.

Thanks in advance,

Sean Buchanan.

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